Fyvie Parish
As part of the Church of Scotland, Fyvie Parish Church seeks to be a family and a light for Jesus Christ within our community. Our aim is to provide worship, fellowship, love and care for all ages within the parish and beyond.

Latest Parish Register records

25th December 2011 - Eric Ian Thorburn
8th January 2012 - Logan Jake Reith
19th August 2012 - Glen L Geddes, 7 Fassieburn Avenue, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

New Communicants
Craig and Angela Milne, Fyvie

Lyndsey Coutts, Insch and John Fisher, Woodhead
Ashley Paul and Derek Rosie, Inverurie
Laura Duncan and Daniel Warrander, Aberdeen
Lisa McDonald and Duncan Daun, Elphinstone
Jessica Wakelin and Gavin Ewing, Turriff
Yvonne Elizabeth Ogston and Andrew Alan Beagrie

23rd October 2011 - Mr J Alexander, St Katherines
9th November 2011 - Mr C Stewart, Mill of Crichie, Fyvie
6th February 2012 - Mrs M Chapman, Haddobank, Beechrow, Fyvie
7th February 2012 - Mrs H Thompson, Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
24th May 2012 - Mr Gerry Stack, Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
25th May 2012 - Mrs Anne Massie, Faithlie Care Home, Fraserburgh
26th May 2012 - Mr Peter Grieve, 4 Preston House, Fyvie
15th June 2012 - Mrs M (Peggy) Thomson, Fairview House Care Home, formerly from Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
20th June 2012 - Mrs Sue Hogg, Cowiehillock
12th July 2012 - Mrs May Storey, Lynwood
24th July 2012 - Mrs Margaret Sutherland, 2 Preston House, Fyvie
13th September 2012 - Mr W (Billy) Milne, 48 Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
23rd October 2012 - Mr K Grant, Gussetneuk, Woodhead, Fyvie
30th October 2012 - Mr W (Wullie) Walker, Eastleigh Nursing Home, Peterculter formerly from Preston House, Fyvie
4th November 2012 - Mr Stuart Moir, Alford formerly from Fyvie
5th December 2012 - Mrs I Rose, Upper Bearnsdale, Fyvie
10th December 2012 - Mrs Gladys Cowie, Beach Court Nursing Home, Aberdeen
12th December 2012 - Mr Alan Shea, 2 Seton Park, Fyvie
20th May 2013 - Mr Bert Reid, Cottown of Gight, Woodhead
15th June 2013 - Mr R Keir, Cuminestown Road, Fyvie
16th June 2013 - Mrs M H Atkinson, Gordondale, School Road, Fyvie
12th July 2013 - Miss Min thomson, Hazel Cottage, Woodhead
15th August 2013 - Mrs A Martin (nee Rait), Roxburgh House, Aberdeen
21st August 2013 - Mrs M M Walker, Eastleigh Home, Peterculter
17th September 2013 - Mrs N Black, 44 Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
1st October 2013 - Mrs M Simpson, Blythewood House, Inverurie
18th October 2013 - Mrs E Taylor, Doonbye, Inverythan, Fyvie
4th November 2013 - Mrs M Shearer, 19 Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
13th December 2013 - Mrs E Duncan, Parnassus Gardens, Fyvie
20th December 2013 - Mrs E Stewart, Crichie, Mill of Crichie, Fyvie
13th January 2014 - Mrs E Grice, Badenscoth Home, Auchterless
28th January 2014 - Mr H McDonald, Mill Cottage, Fyvie Station
13th March 2014 - Mrs Beatrice Will, Kemnay Nursing Home
29th March 2014 - Mr Charlie Reid, Gight Smiddy, Methlick
18th April 2014 - Mr Alan Clark, Andrewsford Cottage, St Katherines, Fyvie
26th May 2014 - Mr Alex Rankin, Clovery, Fyvie
4th August 2014 - Mrs Barbara Cruickshank, 1 Seton Park, Fyvie
4th September 2014 - Mrs Margaret Dunbar, Turriff Nursing Home
18th September 2014 - Mr Alexander Lorimer. Inverurie
1st December 2014 - Mr Ron Pirie, Blythwood Home, Inverurie
10th December 2014 - Mrs Annie Coutts, Aberdeen
24th December 2014 - Mr Fraser Gibbon, West Cairncake, Cuminestown

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